Why You Should Charter a Luxury Yacht for Your Next Family Trip.

Luxury yacht rentals in Cabo San Lucas.

Are you looking forward to planning your first family trip after traveling becomes viable again? This is just one the many exciting thoughts that are keeping us motivated during the lockdown. 

Your first family trip post-pandemic has to be exciting, thrilling, and a genuinely out-of-the-box! Think about creating memories surrounding “firsts,” such as the first time on a yacht, first-time deep-sea diving or fishing, first time on the south coast, and so forth. 

Chartering a luxury yacht is a great idea to check all the boxes and make sure that your vacation has a thrilling, novelty factor. 

Here are a few reasons why:

Excellent amenities

From a professional crew and maintenance staff to private chefs, yachts provide you with excellent luxury services, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

You also get exclusive attention because you don’t have to wait for staff to attend to other guests like in a resort—because there aren’t any! 

Did we mention you get personal, premium services? From setting up scuba diving for the kids to preparing your favorite cocktail—all of it in a jiffy. 

80ft yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas
80ft yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas

Yachts are very family-friendly

Especially kid-friendly! Anyone with children under the age of 10—or any age really—can testify that they get bored FAST. 

Keeping children entertained even when you’re out on at sea with a beautiful view can be a challenge and a half. 

A yacht takes care of all of this by providing plenty of fun-tainment for the whole fam! 

You get to spend precious quality time

A family trip should be all about exclusivity and bonding time between you and your loved ones. You don’t have to spend it worrying about logistics and getting to places on time and avoiding traffic. With a yacht charter, you get to detach and relax on your private charter and bond with each other

130ft luxury yacht in Cabo
130ft luxury yacht rentals in Cabo San Lucas.

You can try all sorts of new activities such as snorkeling, fishing, playing games, diving, enjoying 5-star meals, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and the vacation is stress-free with the bonus of an incredible view and scenic experience! 

If you want to make your vacation in Cabo San Lucas even more exciting, book a yacht rental with Cabo Yacht World! You get to experience luxury personified on their yacht tours that come with experts and exemplary dedicated staff. Contact them for more information at 011-521-624-168-9544 or 624 168 9544

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Russian Billionaires 110m super-yacht ANNA in Cabo San Lucas.

The super yacht was built by Feadship and deliver to his owner, a RussianBillionaire, who named his 360ft luxury vessel after his daughter.

360ft luxury mega yacht in Cabo San Lucas

Dmitry Rybolovlev is a Russian billionaire who controlled Uralkali. He was born in November 1966. Until a few years ago he was married to Elena. They have two daughters Ektaterina and Anna. He sold Uralkali and now He is shareholder in AS Monaco and Bank of Cyprus.
Dmitry Evgenevich is the owner of the luxury yacht Anna, with he named after his daughter Anna.

Anna is the largest super yacht built by Feadship to date. 110 meters/ 360’10” ft.
She was designed by Michael Leach, who created her impressive exterior look with a pure white coating providing a matte finish to the lower half and gloss to the upper section. Naval architecture was created by Brian J. McCarthy in collaboration with Michael Leach Design.

360ft luxury mage yacht in Cabo San Lucashttps://www.caboyachtworld.com

Anna was seen arriving to Cabo San Lucas Yesterday June 23rd / 2020 and Perhaps Anna would not become available for charters anytime soon, however, there is a large selection of luxury yacht that you can charter this summer in Cabo San Lucas with cabo yacht World.

Please contact Cabo Yacht World / the luxury yacht charter specialist for more news or inquiries for your upcoming Cabo Vacation.

Ultimate Luxury Vacation: Yachting In Cabo

A yacht vacation has the potential to be unlike any other vacation you’ve ever experienced. It provides the perfect get-away from your chaotic life as you get to enjoy new sights while living in luxury. Mesmerizing views, fine dining and a host of recreational activities are just a few reasons why yachting in Cabo can be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. 

100ft azimut yacht for rent in Los Cabos
100ft azimut yacht for rent in Los Cabos

As yacht cruises are tailored to your interests, you get to maximize the fun factor and get a feel of life on the water. 

Here are a few reasons why yachting in Cabo could be the ultimate luxury vacation you’re looking for. 

Discover the water world 

If you love water and want to explore marine life, a yacht vacation would be your paradise. Whether it’s scuba diving, jet-skiing, fishing, snorkeling or whale watching, there’s a host of water activities to choose from. 

Snorkeling in Cabo gives you the chance to witness the beautiful exotic fish and dolphins in action, among other breathtaking creatures. Cabo San Lucas is also the ideal destination for whale-watching as you get to witness the one of the largest mammals in the world in all their glory. 

If you’re looking for a more serene activity, fishing can be extremely rewarding as you can even grill or barbecue your catch of the day! 

Onboard activities 

80ft yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas
80ft yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best things about a yacht vacation is that you can enjoy luxury and privacy for your loved ones. There is also a wide range of onboard activities to keep you occupied. Feel bored? Throw a party for your friends and dance the night away! 

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the beautiful Cabo sunset while reading your favorite book. If you feel like you’ve done enough activities for the day, and just want to relax, head on over to the bubbling water-jet spa to sooth your muscles. 

Snap away 

We all want to come back from our vacation with an album of Instagram worthy pictures.  A luxury yacht in Cabo provides you with the perfect backdrop for your next album. It’s important that you keep your camera on hand to capture the picturesque Cabo sunset and the serene sea. 

Taking pictures of you and your loved ones is a fun activity as you explore a new destination. The effort that goes into taking these pictures all becomes worth it months later when you’re reminiscing about your memorable trip. 

At Cabo Yacht World, we offer yachts for rent in Cabo San Lucas and give you the opportunity to explore the waters of Cabo in style. Contact us now at 624-168-9544 and we’ll give you an unforgettable vacation experience!  

3 Tips for A Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Yacht rentals in Cabo San Lucas

Summer vacations give you some much-needed time off, which is why we all look forward to them so much.
It’s that time again when you finally take a break from your busy, hectic life and devote it to doing the things you love. Most importantly, it’s about making time for relaxation.

But while some of us take the task of planning a vacation too seriously, others don’t take it seriously enough. Both of these situations can lead to stress and make your time off less than ideal. Finding the right balance can ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable time.

Summer in Cabo San Lucas

Here are some crucial tips for ensuring your summer vacation is stress-free!
Pick the right destination
Especially if you’re taking a family trip, it’s important to choose the right vacation spot. At the end of the day, it’s about spending more quality time together, but also ensuring that there’s something that interests everyone where you’re going.
What kind of places fall within budget? Knowing this will allow you to indulge in the ultimate relaxing vacation without any compromises—for both you and the kids.

Think about the activities that all of you can enjoy collectively, such as spending time at the beach, fishing, and sharing a new experience such as snorkeling. Once you’ve shortlisted, ask your family to vote on a final destination.
Plan it well and be organized
When you plan your accommodation and travel, also research activities and events in the area that will be fun and unique. This way, you’ll have an idea of the itinerary beforehand.
But if you reach your destination and feel like you want to switch things up, don’t be afraid to do so. Don’t try to squeeze everything in just because you

Cabo San Lucas

Don’t forget to switch things up
Be spontaneous! It can lead you to several new adventures along the way and makes for fun memories. Part of the reason you’re on vacation is to let go and not have to worry about things for a change.
If you fixate on a specific idea of a vacation you wanted to have instead of experiencing the actual trip wholly, you’re going to miss out. Be present on the trip and look for experiences that are enriching and unique to the location.

When vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, you can find luxury yachts for rent with us! We prioritize giving you an unforgettable and luxurious experience on any of our yacht rentals. All our staff is dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and eventful trip!
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Luxury yacht charters in Los Cabos

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Why A Yacht Adventure Is What Your Relation-Ship Needs!

Yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas.https://www.caboyachtworld.com/

Imagine waking up next to the love of your life on a big, warm, and comfy bed.

You get out of bed, put on your plush robe, and head toward the window.

You’re surrounded by the spectacular view of the sea and the gorgeous, gloriously orange sun melts into the pale-pink clouds.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. You open it, and are greeted by a butler with a hearty, decadent dinner. There’s also champagne!

Wouldn’t that be perfect? What’s better than spending your holidays with the love of your life by your side on an amazing yacht cruise?

Absolutely nothing.  

Here are some more reasons why we recommend going on a yacht escapade to Cabo San Lucas this summer.

luxury yacht rentals in cabohttps://www.caboyachtworld.com/

You Don’t Need to Plan Anything

One of the best things about going on a yacht cruise is that you don’t have to plan everything. You just have to select a package, as well as the tours you want to go on.

There’s little research involved. Of course, we’re not saying you shouldn’t look into Cabo San Lucas because it’s one of the most exotic places on earth. What we’re saying is that everything is planned for you. All you need to do is pick a tour package that best fits your needs for a stress-free experience!

You Get to Explore Multiple Places

If you and your sweetheart are the kind of people that need a change of scenario, and get bored easily, you’ll get to explore various places in Cabo San Lucas through a yacht cruise.

You’ll get to go on a tour around the city, and even go to Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach), as well as El Arco.

There are Plenty of Activities to Try

With water activities like scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, and snorkeling, you’re guaranteed to have a great time with your sweetheart.  

There’s also a whale watching tour you can go on where you’ll get to learn about the marine life Mexico has to offer.

You’ll get to see the majestic great gray and humpback whales that migrate every November and April to Cabo San Lucas during the breeding season.

And with Cabo Yacht World, we can make the experience even more amazing. Watch the great whales of Mexico from the comfort of your yacht.

We offer amazing yacht charters to vacationers planning a visit to Cabo San Lucas. We also offer yachts for sale to those who are interested in purchasing one.

If you want to rent a yacht for your vacation, or purchase one, feel free to reach out to us.

3 Reasons Why Renting a yacht for Your Family Vacation is Worth It

What comes to mind when you think of a family vacation? Chartering a private sailing yacht in Cabo is probably not what comes to mind. Renting a Catamaran yacht seems like an uneconomical luxury in comparison to cheaper options. However, there are multiple benefits to hiring a yacht for your family vacation in the sea of Cortez.

100ft Azimut yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas

Close Quarters Bring People Together

Chartering private sailing quarters just for you and your family can bring you all closer together. Trudging through hot weather to see the sights of a city, or forcing everyone into small hotel rooms during the night will probably have your kids pulling each other’s hair out in two days.

Think about why family vacations are essential — to bond as a group. To that end, having a luxurious boat like a Catamaran becomes very useful. Everyone has their own space and can mingle when they want to. This will bring them closer together; since there’s nowhere to go out in the ocean.

Something for Everybody

A Catamaran is an excellent yacht to rent out simply because it’s built for maximum leisure. The yacht itself is large enough that charter companies can load up on adventure equipment like jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment.

Get the younger members of the family involved in diving into the ocean for a unique experience with sea creatures or chasing the horizon on jets.

For those members of the family who like to relax, they can do so on the spacious deck while enjoying fresh food cooked by the staff.

Cabo yacht rentals

Create Serene Moments

Spending time with your family should be about creating good moments for everyone to remember when they’re apart. Envision this: the sun setting on the horizon of the shimmering waters of the Cabo sea as you unwind with your family in the onboard seating area.

It’s for moments like these that you should consider planning around everyone’s schedules to make sure everyone can get away from the stress of your daily lives. Not only will you make picture-perfect memories, but you’ll also probably feel better about going back to the daily grind.

If you’re on the look-out for an affordable private Yacht charter company in Cabo San Lucas, check out our luxury yachts for rent here. You can also call us at 111-521-624-168-9544 if you’re calling from Canada or the US or contact us here.

Amenities That You Can Enjoy On Your Luxury Yacht Charter.

The luxury yacht company offers an extravagant sailing experience for vacationers in Cabo San Lucas.

Yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas.

Have you thought about what you’d call her

Having a boat to your name is a luxury. There are a few things more exhilarating than steering your yacht into the sunset and deciding on where to sail next. But a few amenities along the way will only make the voyage more comfortable and fun. Check out what’s in store for you on a personal yacht. 

A Luxury Cabin 

If you’re accustomed to enjoying the soft beds and luxurious linens of 5-star hotel suites, during vacations, expect no less. A private cabin in your very own yacht is nothing short of that. 

Take whatever you read next with a pinch of salt; you’re at sea after all! You may not get 24/7 room service or a hotel concierge to make dinner reservations for you, but you’ll get a view of the vast, blue ocean right when you wake up in the morning. 

Nothing quite beats the feeling of waking up to the gurgling sound of waves and the sun shining bright. Away from the noise of traffic and pollution, you can enjoy the peace of being away from land in your very own luxury cabin. It’s the view that you pay for in hotel rooms, and it’s a million-dollar view that you’ll get. 

Solo Escape

Are you an introvert who likes to enjoy silence and solitude more than the noisy company of intruders? We’re sure you won’t mind the subtle whispering of the sea waves, humming in your ears. 

100ft Azimut luxury yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas.

Having a yacht of your own allows you to take it out whenever you want with whomever you like. But since we’re appreciating solitude, you can simply take a solo sailing trip. Nothing matches the serenity of soaking the sun on the deck amid the open blue waters, or enjoying some deep-sea fishing to spice up your day. 

There’s no rush to catch flights. Or meet people. There’s just you…and you. Enjoy your private charters! 

A Bar and Food 

When we put a yacht on sale, we make sure to check all its functions. But along with that, we also offer various renovation packages. These include interior design changes to include things like a bar or dining area or cooking station. With food and drinks taken care of, you’re all set to sail around the coast on holidays. 

We offer luxury yachts charters in Cabo San Lucas. If you’re looking for luxury boats to rent, check out the options from our fleet. We’re popular for our private yacht charters and the standard of our boats is the reason why. Call us at +52 624 168 9544 today!

Or email Us at Caboyachtworld@gmail.com

What To Pack When Yachting: The Fall & Winter Edition

Cabo San Lucas is one of the world’s premier destinations for yachting. The stunning Sea of Cortez is surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes that are known for their jaw-dropping beauty. If you’ve decided to plan your trip in the late fall and early winter season, you’d be pleased to know that this season is the perfect time to spot the majestic humpback whales in all their glory.

Once you’ve set a date for your yacht adventure, and planned the itinerary, the next step is packing. To avoid the horror of packing too much or too little, we’ll help you decide what to pack when yachting during the fall/winter season.

130ft Northern Dreams luxury yacht in Cabo San Lucas.

High-quality sunscreen

Don’t think just because you’re going in the latter part of the year, you won’t encounter the sun. Cabo has beautiful sunshine all year round, even though the intensity of sunrays decreases from October to December. They still have enough intensity to damage your skin, which is why it’s essential to invest in sunscreen with a suitable SPF. As most water activities on a yacht are carried out in the daytime, sunscreens allow you to spend as much time in the sun as you want without risking a sunburn.

100ft Azimut yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas.


Although most cellphones are equipped with great cameras, if you really want to take your Instagram feed to the next level, be sure to pack a camera with a long-range lens. Yachting in Cabo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you’d ideally want to leave the city with an album full of wonderful memories.

63ft lagoon experience in Cabo San Lucas.

Having a camera increases your chances of doing just that as you’ll be able to capture stunning shots of your yachting adventure. A camera with a long-range lens and fast shutter speed can be particularly helpful when you’re taking photos of whales and other marine life. Remember to pack an extra battery and check memory card space!

Clothes for yachting

The fall and winter seasons are undoubtedly a great time for yachting. However, your trip could easily be ruined if you don’t pack the right clothes. This means that you need to ditch the high heels no matter how much you love them. Pack warm, comfortable clothes that will enable you to enjoy the weather instead of letting it affect your trip.

Naturally, as you’re merely a jump away from the water, it’s vital that you pack a few pairs of swimwear. Since the weather can get pretty chilly, consider investing in a wetsuit, instead of packing bikinis and shorts. These wetsuits will keep you warm even when you’re wet, so you don’t have to change every time you’re soaked after going into the water.


Whenever you’re going on a sea vacation, it’s important to pack certain essentials such as toiletries and medicines. We also recommend packing blankets. Keeping in mind the weather, we suggest packing ski goggles along with your sunglasses. Ski goggles will keep your eyes from watering due to the cold air.

If you’re looking for reliable boat dealers in Cabo that offer luxury yacht charters, look no further than Cabo Yacht World. Not only do we offer luxury yacht charters and whale watching tours, but we also have yachts for sale in Cabo. For more information, contact us!

The Best Yachts for a Stunning Mexican Vacation

If you’ve been dreaming about a luxurious vacation to Mexico for years, but haven’t gotten around to planning it yet, now may be the perfect time! Heading to vacation-land between December and April is the ideal time to visit, as you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful warmth while staying dry and avoiding humidity.

We’ve broken down some of the best yachts that redefine luxury and comfort to help you decide which one to opt for as you cruise along the Mexican waters!

Here’s the ultimate round-up so you can make the most of your vacation to what’s also commonly known as The Land of Enchantment (for all the right reasons, if we do say so ourselves!):

1. 630 MY Lagoon

64ft lagoon in Cabo San Lucas

Soak in the magic of Cabo San Lucas by chartering the famous 630 MY Lagoon. This ultra-luxurious, high-performance yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, blissful comfort, and amenities to ensure you have the time of your life.

From spacious decks to immaculately-designed interiors—including cabins, fully-equipped bathrooms, and saloons—you’re in for quite a treat! The yacht boasts fully-furnished bedrooms that have an elegant touch of contemporary design to ensure maximum comfort and ease for everyone aboard.

Also known as the crème de la crème of luxury yachts, this beauty is bound to show you a good time!

2. Azimut 38 Fly

38ft Azimut yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas

The classic Azimut 38 Fly is a favorite among enthusiasts because of its easy handling and maneuvering. Its Italian design further adds to its value by giving it a touch of elegance and luxury that attracts a wide population of locals and tourists from across the globe.

Whether you’re vacationing with your family or out on a fishing expedition, this versatile and highly-functional powerhouse of a yacht will show everyone a good time! With a sun pad and seating area, the Azimut 38 Fly is ideal for dinner parties with friends and family.

3. 100 Ft. Azimut

100ft Azinut luxury yacht charter

Commonly known as the epitome of beauty, this luxurious yacht is the definition of luxury. Lounge around in the master cabin with open views of the fresh Mexican waters, lavender skies, and stunning rocks to truly unwind.

Spacious enough to accommodate eight to ten people, this luxury fleet charter is ideal for a weekend getaway that lets you relax.

4. 55 Ft. Azimut

55ft Azinut yacht rental

The stunning 55 Ft. Azimut offers a deluxe luxury yacht experience with beautiful and spacious bedrooms, lounge space, bathrooms, and dining areas. The interior will make you fall in love with cruising and take away any and every hint of seasickness!

Ready to head off to Cabo San Lucas by chartering one of these exotic yachts for the time of your life? Whether you opt for a private Catamaran charter or an exotic sailing in the Azimut 38 Fly, you’re in for a great time that’ll leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

Find out more about our services so you can plan the perfect vacation!

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